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Face / Fingerprint System

The FaceFingerprint Reader System uses biometric method to capture the real-time information needed and register them into your system. Fingerprint system is the innovative and efficient way of improving your organization. Products like Face / Fingerprint Punch Card Machine or Face / Fingerprint time Attendance System are highly essential and beneficial to increase efficiency not only in management record system, but also security and access control.

In here, we promote a selection of face / fingerprint system related products for our valuable customers and we certainly do not compromise on quality. Our Face / Fingerprint Reader System collection is extensive with various selection of overall capacity, speed and reliability. Our ever-ready team will assist you to view and advise on the best and most suitable products for your needs.

01 Fingerprint Card & Pin Access System
09 Fingerprint Door Access Attendance System
128 Fingerprint Punch Card Machine
30 Fingerprint Door Access Attendance System
50A FingerPrint Door Access Attendance System
88 Fingerprint Time Attendance
ER120 FingerPrint Exit Reader
FA900 Face Time Attendance
QC Fingerprint Time Attendance
TAS Fingerprint Time Attendance
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