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 1.Manufactured by alloy , the first stylish and dynamic decorative shell in the front.

2.International recognized lock tongue institutions of electrical transmission mechanism promise that the locks can be opened more than 500,000 times.

3.Locks are atomaticlly issue card, so it is no need of computer management. And the locks also atomatically delete, modify the guests card through card managing.

4.Using a single card (guests' card together with the management card can open the door) to open the door is achieved.

5.Data processor built in locks can be at any time modifiedthe right of use, and it is easy to manage.

6.Lock tongue is of tamper-resistant, anti-inserted alarm functions.

7.Undervoltage alarm function.

8. Adopting the sensing IC card, as a key card, which is dust-proof, waterproof, anti-high-temperature, and can be made as a watchband style cassette in the wrist, then it is ver y easy to use and to improve the quality of the sites.

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Cabinet Lock 19R

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